Pew Refinishing and Pew Refurbishing Services are offered by Premier Pew. We take pride in transforming your old pews into new pews. Utilizing two different types of refinishing services, we can provide the service you want at the price you want. Our On-site Pew Refurbish can provide incredible value at a low cost. We use only quality materials to ensure the best results for our clients. We also offer pew repairs and removal services. Give us a Call Today to schedule a Free Estimate.  910-985-1139. Or Contact Us

churh pew refurbishing

Pew Refurbishing is completed On-Site, and will not disrupt your worship services. We use a proprietary formula to clean your pews, remove scratches, and breathe new life into them. Call today to set up a Free Estimate. This cost effective method can change the look of your pews and your sanctuary!!

pew refurbishing

Pew Refinishing produces a brand new factory stain and finish for your church pews. Our process is to first disassemble the pews, strip and remove all existing stain and finish, repair wood as required, and then re-stain and refinish your church pews. In most cases, our pew refurbish can produce a result that is similar for a fraction of the cost. We recommend scheduling a walk through. This is an on site meeting where we will look over your pews, discuss your requirements, expectations, and package together a solution that works best for your church pew refinishing project.

It all starts at your church!! Schedule your Free Consultation Today.