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Pew Refurbishing, Repair and Reupholstery


pew refurbishing and repair




Pew Refurbishing and Repair

Our recently completed project in Vidalia Georgia was a nice one! We refurbished the pews and repaired many broken pew parts throughout the sanctuary. The pews were made in the 1960s and were solid oak. Not a bad set of pews to hold on to, and definitely worth the money to repair and refurbish them. Our pew refurbishing and repair service was just what these pews needed. We removed several splitting legs and supports from underneath the pews. Sanded the surface smooth, refinished and reglued the splitting supports. This guarantees the support legs will not cause problems in days to come. This process took us a few days as we had to let the glue cure. The end result was fantastic and the church members loved the work!!


Refurbishing Process

Our refurbishing process is unique. It provides a cost effective alternative to pew refinishing. Our on site service is a 3 step process : It goes as follows


  1. The exposed wood is cleaned and any rough areas are lightly sanded. 
  2. A unique, penetrating formula that restores the original color and luster to the finish while blending blemishes and minor scratches is applied.
  3. Lastly, an application of wax product to restore shine and seal the wood seals the deal.




Bench Upholstery Project for Vidalia Georgia Church

These particular benches were solid oak and required no fabric or foam removal. We started off by measuring the pews and calculating how long to cut our pew fabric. You always leave an additional amount of length for each pew. In this case, we added about 1 foot for the pew seat fabric, and 6 inches for the back fabric. This gives you the room to wrap enough fabric around the foam to create a uniform factory upholstered pew look. Needless to say, if you dont have experience in upholstering church pews be sure to contact us for assistance. These benches turned out great and the members of the church couldnt be happier with them. We use high quality tacking strips to blend the fabric into a seemless look and feel.The benches are now much more comfortable with our quality fabric and foams applied.