Pew Upholstery

Pew upholstery services can be completed at your church to achieve a beautiful new pew look. With our own jigs and methods we will restore your church furniture back to the look it had when it was brand new. When working with our company, you can expect only the best quality of work, and customer service. Based out of North Carolina, we offer pew repairs and church padding services throughout the United States. Factory upholstering methods ensure a satisfactory result for you that will last for generations. Church pew upholstery is an art and it takes skill and great pride to create a beautiful new pew look.

All of our services can be completed in a timely manner that leaves you without Sunday service disruptions. We offer a long list of church pew related services. Contact us today for a FREE estimate on one of our famous church pew makeovers.
Typical turn around time is 60-90 days. Using our unique tools we create a factory pew look and feel. This attriubutes to a wonderful looking sanctuary. For years our materials and workmanship has stood the tests of time. We look foreward to helping you.

Pew Upholstery Services

Pew Upholstery Benefits

  • Premier Pew Upholstery is less than ⅓ the cost of new pews.
  • All work is completed on site without and service disruptions.
  • New foam and fabric bring your pews beauty and comfort back to life instantly.
  • No clean up work required by the church.
  • High Quality fabric and foams are used in all of our installations
  • FREE fabric Samples
  • FREE No Obligation Quotes

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