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Pew Fabric Samples
  • Author:
    Bryan Sharpe
  • Date
    March 7, 2016

Church Pew Fabrics | Free Samples & Estimates

When searching for church pew fabrics, consider the quality of the materials. Pew fabrics need to be no less than 8oz in weight, and treated with some form of stain resistance. There are several church pew fabric choices out there that could easily leave you buried with repairs after the installation process is complete. After you have determined what color family(red, blue, green) you want start looking into the type of fabric it is, and the warranty information. Most fabrics carry warranty directly by the fabric mill. I know it may seem that the company you are talking to about your pew upholstery process seems to have their own fabrics, trust me this isn’t the case. Ask the company for the weight and warranty of the fabrics they are looking into and make sure it is suitable for your church pew fabric needs.

We will give you all of this information and more and all of our fabrics are suitable for any of your church pew fabric needs. Now go request your FREE fabric samples.

There are many different types and styles of church pew fabrics available right now. Most commonly used materials is a polyolefin which is stainproof and an incredible product for your church pew fabric. Here are Premier Pew Padding we recommend this super durable church pew fabric for our customers. This will ensure you will never have any staining, and prevent any damage to your church pew fabric. Please contact us at 910-985-1139 for any additional questions, samples, and pricing. Church Pew Cushions can be found here.

Duramax Church Pew Fabrics

Our line of Duramax pew fabrics is perfect for all congregations that wish to recover their church cushions. Heavy in weight, high in quality, and readily available at all times. You cant go wrong.

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