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Pew padding South Carolina Church
  • Author:
    Bryan Sharpe
  • Date
    January 17, 2017

Church Pew Upholstery Project – South Carolina Church gets Pews Padded

Church Pew Upholstery makes big Impact


On-Site Church Pew Upholstery Project – Aiken South Carolina

Church Pastor contacted us in early 2016. He was interested in getting some prices for refinishing and refurbishing his pews. The church had no idea how much money they were looking at spending on this type of project. They also wanted to explore their options to ensure their money was being spent wisely. We visited the church soon after, took some measurements of the pews and evaluated if they were in good shape or not. Typically, pew upholstery is a great option if your church furniture is in good condition. In this case, the pews would definitely last another 15-20 years. That guarantees the money to be spent on refurbishing the pews and refinishing the wood will be well placed.

Refurbishing Exposed Wood Areas on Church Pews

In addition to replacing the existing pew fabric and foam, we also rejuvenated the wood areas by refurbishing the finish, and adding luster and shine back to the pews. Our pew upholstery refurbishing process is completed on site and always produces satisfactory results. Initially the wood was dried from years of UV exposure. Our restore a finish made an amazing difference on these pews. The best part is, its less than half of the cost of refinishing. We clean, sand, and revive the wood throughout the pews. Giving them a look and feel similar to what they had from the factory.

Church Pew Reupholstery

As you can see, we replaced the original foam with new 100% high density Virgin PolyFoam. We use top grade tacking strips to create a smooth factory edge which produces amazing results. Crisp and clear lines add to the quality of our work. Upholstering church pews can be a challenge. We take special care, and extra effort in making sure our work is not only precise, but original as well. This church experienced first hand how big a difference our onsite church pew upholstery service can make on a sanctuary. Pricing is affordable, quick, and easy. We carry only top grade foams and fabrics for all our customers.

Thank you South Carolina Church. We enjoyed working with you!!

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