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    Brian B.
  • Date
    January 16, 2022

Here’s Why Church Renovation and Remodeling Prices Can Vary So Much

Church remodeling costs in North Carolina and elsewhere too can vary widely depending on the size of the church, the extent of work to be done, and various other factors. It’s smart to contact a church renovation company to get a quote. That said, you may want to do some research first so that you can make informed decisions. Once you have a grasp on the costs, you can contact Church contractors near you for a custom church remodeling quote.

Generally speaking, church renovation typically costs around $20 to $100 per square foot. Obviously, this is a huge range. And if you’re looking to build luxurious, world-class facilities, church renovation costs may exceed $100 per square foot.

At the same time, refurbishing or refinishing a church space is often much cheaper than building a new facility. Costs to convert a big-box space into a church, for example, typically start at $80 per square foot and can exceed $140. Costs to build a worship facility from the ground up are even more expensive.

Ultimately, church renovation is often a financially prudent move. Even so, financial commitments can be quite a burden. Fortunately, there are some tactics you can leverage to reduce spending. Let’s look at some factors that can impact church renovation costs.

Considering Labor and Material Costs

Material costs can compile quickly and will have a major impact on the final church renovation expenditures. Labor is also a major cost and you’ll have to consider both materials and labor when deciding how to remodel your facilities.

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For example, some ceramic tiles may cost less than high-quality carpet. However, installing carpet is often quicker and requires less labor. Likewise, you may prefer the designs offered by carpet tiles. Yet it takes longer to install carpet tiles than to use role carpet. Regarding the costs of new flooring for churches, your choice of materials can have a big impact on labor costs, not just material costs.

So which church flooring option makes sense? It’s often best to speak with church flooring and carpet contractors.

Don’t Forget Permit Costs

It’s also vital that you factor in any permits and other regulatory fees. Costs can vary a lot from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Before hiring contractors and buying new materials or whatever else, you’ll want to estimate permit and regulatory costs.

If you’re unsure of permit costs, you can speak with the staff at a church renovation contractor. You can also contact your local government in North Carolina or wherever else. It’s smart to double-check everything to ensure that you’re not overlooking something.

The Right Church Signage Can Make a Big Difference

It’s tempting to focus on interior costs during a church remodel or renovation. However, keep exterior costs in mind as well. In some cases, exterior modifications, such as new signage can improve foot traffic and congregation size.

Signage costs can vary tremendously. Simple, easy-to-install signs might cost you only $1,500 while large, elaborate free-standing signs can cost north of $50,000. Still, if the right signage brings in more patrons, investments may be easy to justify.

The right church stage could also have a big impact on retaining patrons. Church stage costs can vary considerably, but the right stage will impress regular churchgoers and new guests as well.

Saving on Church Renovation Costs

In some cases, funding needs can be kept low by refurbishing furniture, flooring, and all the rest. Once again, costs vary, in this case depending on the design of the pews, their condition, and your requirements. Still, you can expect refurbishing to cost between one quarter to half of the price of new pews. Thus, refurbishing your existing pews can save money.

If you’re already happy with your pews but they need an update, look for pew refinishing experts in your local area, say North Carolina, Raleigh, or wherever else.

It’s also smart to consider longevity when renovating your church. A carpeted floor, for example, might not last as long as a high-quality hardwood or tile flooring. Likewise, consider utility costs as well. Double-pane insulated windows can cut down how much you pay for heating and cooling. So even if they cost a bit more upfront, double-pane windows might pay for themselves over time.

As you can see, there are a ton of factors that impact church renovation costs in North Carolina and across the country. It’s smart to work with church innovation experts who can both help you understand the project and who can also identify ways to save money both now and well into the future.

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