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  • Author:
    Brian B.
  • Date
    February 9, 2022

Here’s Why You Should Skip the Chairs and Reupholster Your Church Pews

Looking to replace your church pews? In recent years, some worship houses have done away with pews altogether, replacing them instead with chairs. While chairs do offer some benefits, such as being easier to replace, the familiarity and community togetherness offered by pews are hard to beat. So before replacing pews with chairs, you should first consider refurbishing and reupholstering them.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of reupholstering your pews rather than replacing them with church chairs. If you have any questions or would like to consider if reupholstering your church pews is right for you, it’s time to speak with a church reupholster expert.

Chairs Versus Church Pews: Traditional Looks and Welcoming Comfort

Pews are a far more traditional church seating compared to individual chairs. Church pews are meant to show that we are all equal in the eyes of God and are also welcoming to any who may wander in. Pews break down barriers between worshipers too and help to build a sense of community.

Chairs, on the other hand, can encourage isolation and separation. Many people will find chairs less welcoming as well. Further, while chairs are ubiquitous, they often feel out of place in a church.

Church pews are great for families too, allowing family members to spread our or hug close as needed. Also, if people or even whole families need to move around a bit during service, it’s much easier to do so with pews.

Reupholstered Church Pews Keep Costs Low

Reupholstering your church pews is often much cheaper than replacing them with new pews outright. Chairs may be a bit cheaper than new church pews but they’re often more expensive than reupholstering church pews. A single high-quality church chair can easily cost $75 or more.

Further, pews are anchored in place, meaning you can set them up once and then largely forget for years on end. Well constructed and reupholstered pews can last for decades, with 50 plus year lifespans common. With chairs, you’re typically lucky to get 5 to 7 years out of any individual chair. Cheap chairs may not even last a year or two.

Pews Offer Easy Maintenance Compared to Chairs

With church chairs, you’ll often have to set them up for individual events. Even if most of the chairs are already open and in the space, you’ll have to ensure that they are properly aligned and in good repair. Chairs often use complicated mechanisms that allow them to unfold and fold. If these mechanisms end up damaged, repairing them is often a tall task.

You don’t have to adjust benches, on the other hand. Once a bench is in place, it’ll remain in place for years. Occasionally, if the floor resettles or the foundation shifts, you might need to adjust placement, but you’ll typically be able to reset and forget.

Skip Low Quality Imports and Use Locally-Made, Artisan-Crafted Materials

Buy local. Help local. Be local. Supply chains have been strained in recent years and geopolitical tensions can interrupt the flow of goods, including even church chairs. Shipping products the world over might also be detrimental to the environment. With church pews, you can source from local artisans and companies.

If you want the highest quality fabrics, foams, and wood for your pews, it’s often best to source from American companies. Many American firms specialize in producing the highest quality materials available, such as foams and cloth. And some companies specialize specifically in helping churches, and are thus able to leverage expert insights.

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