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  • Author:
    Savanna Williams-Bowlin
  • Date
    June 11, 2024

Our Church Pew Upholstery Project in Arcadia, Florida

At Sharpe’s Church Interiors, we take pride in every church pew upholstery project. Recently, we completed one in Arcadia, Florida. This project involved removing theold foam and fabric, and installing new materials.

The Challenge: Storing Pews in a Church Gymnasium

church pews in a gymnasium

In Arcadia, the pews were temporarily relocated to the church gymnasium. This posed no problem for our experienced upholstery crew. We understand churches often need their main sanctuary space for other purposes during renovations. By organizing our workspace efficiently, we ensured the pews were protected and accessible.

Step 1: Removing Old Foam and Fabric

First, our starting point is stripping away the old materials. This allows us to inspect the wood and structure. In Arcadia, we carefully removed the worn-out foam and fabric, revealing sturdy wooden frames. Meticulous removal ensures new materials adhere properly and last for years.

Step 2: Installing New Foam and Fabric

Next, we installed new foam and fabric. We use high-quality materials for comfort and durability. Our team expertly cut and fitted the foam to match the pews’ contours. afterwards, we carefully upholstered the new fabric over the foam, giving the pews a fresh, inviting look.

Re-aligning and Re-anchoring the Pews

Church Pews After Upholstery

Lastly, we needed to re-align and re-anchor the pews in their original positions. Our crew is well-versed in this process. We always ensure each pew is securely anchored and properly aligned. This attention to detail maintains the sanctuary’s aesthetic and functional integrity. However, we can also change the pews’ positioning if requested by the church. Whether the congregation desires a new layout or just wants to adjust a few rows, we can accommodate these changes seamlessly.

A Job Well Done in Arcadia

The church pew upholstery project in Arcadia, Florida, was a success. The newly upholstered pews enhanced the church’s interior and provided comfort. Our team’s dedication to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction was evident throughout the project. To see the full transformation, click here to watch the before-and-after video.



Why Choose Us for Your Church Pew Upholstery Needs?

We understand church pews are more than just seating; they are vital to your congregation’s worship experience. Therefore, we approach each project with care and professionalism. From removing old materials to installing new foam and fabric, and re-aligning and re-anchoring pews, we ensure every detail is perfect.

If your church is considering a church pew upholstery project, contact us today. We’d be honored to revitalize your sanctuary with our expert upholstery services.

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