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    Bryan Sharpe
  • Date
    December 21, 2015

Pew Cushions Custom made for Churches

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Premier Pew Padding specializes in providing high quality church pew cushions at affordable prices for all 50 States.

Our pew cushions are made from 2” thick polyfoam cushioning at a density greater than 50lbs. We use this type of material to offer the best seat in the industry. Most pads have much softer cushion material. These cushions are typically much cheaper to manufacturer and are much softer as a result. Our pew cushioning is not made this way. We use only the highest quality materials in our products for the purpose of creating a result for you and your church that lasts a lifetime. Our pew cushions will not only outlast the competition, but they feel better too.

Reversible Style Pew Cushions

Our loose reversible pew cushions are unique in the ability to be reversed and flipped around. This gives you the flexibility to effectively use both sides of your church pew cushions. You never know when a feature like this will come in handy. The come with fine rope welting, tufted cushion buttons to prevent wrinkling and seam slippage. This is necessary to provide you with a cushioning product that will surely last.

Sure Fit Church Pew Cushions

“Gives you the upholstered look for your pew backs, and seats”

The Sure Fit cushion provides a factory upholstered look without having to permanently attach the cushions to your pews. It comes with round nosing for comfort across the back of your legs. We can made Pew Cushions at our factory to fit your church pews and shipped anywhere in the U.S. for easy installation by the church.

Church pew cushions are a great option for your church if you have solid wood pews and are in need of additional comfort and adding to the beauty of your sanctuary. Church Pew cushions come in many different options such as reversible, fixed, or removable styles. One thing you can count on is the increase in comfort for every church member. Church Pew Cushioning also allow you to remove for cleaning purposes. This is a great option for wiping down the seats and the church pew cushions itself. If you have decided to keep your current pews during the renovation process, first you need to be sure that they are good quality to withstand another 20+ years of service.

You can call us for professional help with this question (910)985-1139. Recently a church contacted us in regards to purchasing metal frame chairs v/s adding pew cushions. This is a common situation that churches find themselves in. In most cases it is an obvious choice to go with pew cushions over metal frame chairs. These are a very reliable way to maintain beauty and comfort in your sanctuary without adding a huge cost or change of worship style. If you are reading this and your church is facing the same questions, please fill out the contact form or give us a call right now for more help. We are experts and love to help the church make the best decision it can in this situation.

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