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pew upholstery
  • Author:
    Bryan Sharpe
  • Date
    September 10, 2015

Save money with On-Site Pew Upholstery Services

If you are considering renovating your church sanctuary and pews are a part of the project, call us today to get a Free quote for our On-Site Pew Upholstery Service.

Pews are typically a big part of any church renovation project. The expense of new pews can be quite overwhelming for many churches. So the best solution for your pews should be one that is cost effective and creates a amazing improvement in the look of your sanctuary. Pew Upholstery is the replacement or addition of fabric and foam to your church pews. The result is amazing and creates a huge impact in your church renovation project.

Pew Upholstery Process

The upholstery process all starts with a Free on site consultation. This allows us to discuss with you the options and best solutions for your pews. Some pews require different methods and applications than others. We ensure that you get the best option for you from the beginning of the process. Once we meet with you to discuss the pews, and a overall solution is determined, a price is agreed upon. You and us sign the contract and place the order schedule. It usually takes us a minimum of 6 weeks to begin work on-site. Once we arrive, our craftsmen will begin the church pew upholstery process and start transforming your sanctuary.

Pew Upholstery Services Price Ranges

We review your pews, and their condition and then decide the cost. This way we give you accurate information that you can count on and not just a broad range of numbers that covers your price somewhere in between. We strongly encourage you to request a Quote and get your Free On Site Consultation. This is a 100% no obligation consultation. With only a few minutes to examine your pews, we can give you the information you need to make the best decision for your church. Our pew upholstery service prices can range from as low as $3,000.00 Please give us a call today or click here to get your FREE Estimate.

Comparing Upholstery Prices against the Cost of New Pews

Your question might be – What is the cost of new pews v/s getting our pews upholstered? 

People have this question a lot. Here at Premier Pew Padding we specialize in church pews. Offering a complete line of new church pews to satisfy all prices and styles. With all of our meetings we give an accurate estimate on the price of replacing your pews with new ones. We look forward to working with you.

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