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Church Pew Upholstery Project – South Carolina Church gets Pews Padded

Pew padding South Carolina Church

Church Pew Upholstery Project – South Carolina Church gets Pews Padded

Church Pew Upholstery makes big Impact On-Site Church Pew Upholstery Project – Aiken South Carolina Church Pastor contacted us in early 2016. He was interested in getting some prices for refinishing and refurbishing his pews. The church had no idea how much money they were looking at spending on this type of project. They also […]

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Pew Fabric Samples

Church Pew Fabrics | Free Samples & Estimates

When searching for church pew fabrics, consider the quality of the materials. Pew fabrics need to be no less than 8oz in weight, and treated with some form of stain resistance. There are several church pew fabric choices out there that could easily leave you buried with repairs after the installation process is complete. After […]

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Pew Cushions Custom made for Churches

Church Pew Cushions | Call for Free Quote Premier Pew Padding specializes in providing high quality church pew cushions at affordable prices for all 50 States. Our pew cushions are made from 2” thick polyfoam cushioning at a density greater than 50lbs. We use this type of material to offer the best seat in the […]

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Pew Cushion Process

Church Pew Upholstery Process – 2015

Affordable Prices and Quality you can count on. Premier Pew Padding brings all materials and equipment right to your church to complete all work On-Site. Typical turn around time is 6-8 weeks from time of signed contract to job completion. In most cases we will provide a  2’’ thickness of new pew seat foam and […]

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pew upholstery

Save money with On-Site Pew Upholstery Services

If you are considering renovating your church sanctuary and pews are a part of the project, call us today to get a Free quote for our On-Site Pew Upholstery Service. Pews are typically a big part of any church renovation project. The expense of new pews can be quite overwhelming for many churches. So the […]

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Unfinished Pews

Church Pew Refurbishing & Restorations

Church Pew Refurbishing The difference it makes in your pews is amazing!! Most services are provided at your church in only a few days. Our Church Pew Refurbishing Services are very Affordable.  All work completed On-Site at your church without service disruptions Affordable and cost effective process achieves incredible results You save over 60% more with […]

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Pew Padding

Church Pew Padding Prices

Church pew padding prices starting from $14 per linear foot.  The state of your current pews will largely determine the overall price of your project. Do your existing pieces have padding on them? Can you reuse the old pew foam? Are the backs padded or just the seats? This information will be needed to identify […]

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Athens First United Upholstery

Considering Church Pew Reupholstery?

There are several factors to consider before you can go for Church Pew Reupholstery. “In general, we want to make sure all the pews are in good shape and will last for the next 20 years” 1. Age- Determining the age of the pews will give you quite a bit of helpful information. Most pews […]

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Pew Cushion Prices

Church Pew Cushions Prices

Church pew cushions prices range from $14 per ft to $25 per ft. In most cases, the pricing tends to be on the lower side of this range. Most cushions fall into the standard category. There are no special cuts or angles for the manufacturing of your cushions. These cushions can come standard with rope […]

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Athens First United Upholstery Services

Church Pew Upholstery Services

Church Pew Upholstery Services throughout the U.S.  Premier Pew Padding offers On-Site upholstery services for all 50 States. We are located in North Carolina, but frequently travel all over transforming the look and comfort level of many churches pews and sanctuaries. From the initial contact with our company you will feel the passion we have […]

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