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  • Author:
    Bryan Sharpe
  • Date
    April 1, 2020

Church Flooring Costs: Carpet Tiles or Roll Carpet?

Have you ever thought about how much wear and tear the average church floor experiences in a given year? Floors are practically the foundation of your church and will bear the burden of many thousands of footsteps. This wear and tear is important to keep in mind when considering Church flooring costs.

Many churches opt to carpet large portions of their facilities. Carpeting offers a warm, comfortable feel. Meanwhile, many people who attend church are in search of comfort. All things considered, carpeting is a great choice for churches.

Even if you don’t carpet your entire church, using carpeting for specific hallways and areas can add a lot of warmth to your home. Yet carpeting wears out.

If you’ve decided to carpet portions of your church, there are some tough choices to make. Yes, you have to spend a lot of time considering colors, quality, and more. Every aspect is important.

Another important thing to consider is whether you should use carpet tiles or roll carpet. There’s no single “right” choice when choosing between these two types of carpeting. It really comes down to your needs, your congregation and facilities, and also your budget.

Church Carpeting Tile Pros and Cons

With tile carpeting, your church carpet installers will install carpet tiles rather than a few large pieces of carpet. The carpeting tiles typically measure between 48 X 48 cm to 96 x 96 cm, although manufacturers sometimes offer bigger and smaller tiles.

Carpeting tiles are durable and highly serviceable. If you use roll carpeting and an area of the carpet is damaged, stained, or otherwise ruined, you may have to cut out a big chunk of carpeting. This can get expensive and your carpet may never look right.

If one or more carpet tiles is damaged, you can simply replace the damaged or worn out carpet. This makes carpeting tiles much more serviceable than traditional roll carpet.

With carpeting tile, you can slowly replace worn out tiles over the years. You can also design unique and beautiful patterns. This will help your church make an impression.

However, carpeting tiles are more expensive to install. Carpeting tiles are often more expensive per square foot than comparable roll carpeting as well. The higher upfront costs can be a deterrent for many churches. Installation also takes more time, which can be disruptive for your church and on-going activities.

Further, carpet tiles are typically not installed on a carpet pad but are instead usually installed directly on the subfloor. As such, it’s important to address and mitigate any imperfections in the subfloor, which can get costly . Sanding and other intensive efforts may be needed. This can greatly increase your church flooring costs.

Pros and Cons of Roll Carpeting

Roll carpeting is often called broadloom carpeting. This carpeting comes in a huge roll, often 12 feet wide. With roll carpeting, large pieces of carpet are cut and then laid down, usually on top of carpet padding.

This makes installation easier. First, using large pieces of carpeting shortens install time in many cases. Second, since carpet padding is being used, you don’t need to worry about minor imperfections in the subfloor. This helps keep the church flooring costs low.

Roll carpeting isn’t as customizable as carpet tiles. Still, a huge range of patterns and designs is available. Further, it’s also possible to custom dye roll carpeting to match your pews or whatever else.

Ultimately, roll carpeting is an excellent choice for traditional churches. High quality broadloom carpeting is also very durable. While roll carpeting is usually cheaper to install, although isn’t as easy to service as carpeting tiles. Remember this when considering church flooring costs.

Roll carpeting is especially good for wall-to-wall carpeting. Generally speaking, roll carpeting can be installed relatively quickly, helping to minimize disruptions to your church and services.

Carpet Choice is Vital For Church Flooring Costs

Not sure which carpeting is best for your church? Get in touch and we can take a deeper look at your specific situation, needs, and everything else.

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