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Pew Padding
  • Author:
    Bryan Sharpe
  • Date
    June 23, 2015

Church Pew Padding Prices

Church pew padding prices starting from $14 per linear foot. 

The state of your current pews will largely determine the overall price of your project.

  • Do your existing pieces have padding on them?
  • Can you reuse the old pew foam?
  • Are the backs padded or just the seats?

This information will be needed to identify how much work your pews will need. Most church pews over 25 years old are in need of new foam. It would be crazy to spend your money on making them look good, but not comfortable. To add new pew foam to your pews isnt that expensive. You can do this cost effectively. Most churches recognize the difference that new foam makes on 25 year old pews and gladly pay a little more to have it done right.

Quality Pew Padding means more money but better seating. 

Not only do you get what you paid for, but you get a whole lot more. Sure you could get a local upholstery shop to price out reupholstering your church pews. Its also likely that they can price the job more competitively, but not so likely they can out perform a church pew padding company. These local upholstery shops are accustomed to reupholstering boat and car seats, not a 10-20′ long church bench. The company may be able to provide satisfactory results, but they are not well versed in the church pew world. They haven’t seen the many different types of pews and styles the market has to offer. Moreover, the fact is that they will not be familiar with the applications that each style of church pew requires. This knowledge and experience will determine the result for you and your church family.

Pew Padding Price Ranges

Seat only padding is the simplest form of our church pew upholstery services and it ranges from $16 per foot up to $26.
Seat and Back padding can range from $18 per linear foot, up to 30 per linear foot.
There are several factors that influence your overall cost. Such as the condition of your pews, the structural integrity of the wood. You price will change based on how many church pews you have and how long they are.
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