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Pew Upholstery Cost
  • Author:
    Bryan Sharpe
  • Date
    April 10, 2017

Cost to Reupholster Church Pews – Get a Quote Today

What is the Cost to Reupholster Church Pews?

The cost to reupholster church pews varies significantly. Usually, the cost will be between $16.00 per ft to $26 per ft. Several factors can influence the overall cost of the project. Will the company remove the pews and transport them to their facility or will the work be completed at the church? On-Site pew padding services will save your church lots of money and produce factory results.

Do the Pews have existing Upholstery that must be removed prior to Reupholstering?

If your pews are currently covered by fabric and foam then removing this material is necessary and typically adds cost the the per foot price. While this is a common situation, it takes a while to remove the existing materials on most pews. Staples must be removed, gouges need to be repaired. An extensive amount of work is required to prepare a factory upholstered pew for new upholstery applications. This is a big factor in determining the cost the reupholster church pews.

Will the work be completed at the Church?

If a church contracts a company that is capable of doing the work On-Site, you will save money. We specialize in on site upholstery work. Our reupholstery applications are designed to replicate the process of factory padding but in an on-site manner. We have brought the factory to your church. In doing so, we consistently produce top quality pew padding services at a fraction of the cost of factory upholstery. Utilizing wooden jigs which are made to stretch the fabric super tight and produce straight and even lines. Over 90% of our customers choose to keep the work on-site so we can pass this huge savings on to their church. To remove the pews brings unnecessary transportation costs, tons of extra labor, and the added liability of damaging your furniture during transit. Its clear that our upholstery option is the way to go.

What kind of pew fabrics will be used?

Duramax Church Pew Fabrics

We experience fantastic results with 100% olefin materials. The choice of fabric will play a role in determining the cost of your project. Some polyester materials or cotton blends can add quite a large amount to the bottom line. Always choose a fabric that is heavy duty, and heavy in weight. Our standard fabrics are 16+ ounces and are rated for over 200,000 double rubs with an acrylic backing. Our fabrics meet all ACT guidelines.

Which parts of your pews will be padded?

Some pews have only the seats padded. Some have the seats, and the front side of the backs padded. Other pews may be fully upholstered. This means have the fabric and on the backside of the pew backs, frontside of the backs, and the seats. The more upholstery fabric that is needed, the higher the overall cost will be. Additionally, the more foam that is needed in the pews the higher the price will be. Some pews come from the factory with up to 4” of foam in the seats. These upholstered pews are higher quality and will need the same amount of padding when being reupholstered. a 4” thick foam seat will naturally be more expensive than the standard 2” foam pew cushion project.

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