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Pew Cushions
  • Author:
    Bryan Sharpe
  • Date
    May 26, 2018

How Much Do Church Pew Cushions Cost?


It Depends on several Factors

Pew Cushions and their costs vary quite a bit depending on your requirements. Several factors can collectively impact the overall rate your pew cushions will be priced at.

Do you currently have cushions on the pews?

Do your existing pews have any cushions presently? If so, are they loose cushions that can be easily removed by a member of the church? If this is the case then removal wont be an issue for you. It will NOT impact the overall price point of your loose pew cushions. If they are attached cushions it will take time and labor to prepare the church pews for your new cushions. So it will impact the price of the pew cushions.

How wide do your church pew cushions need to be?

The width a cushions is made at is a determining factor of the price. Our cushions are priced at a standard rate until they need to be made wider than 15 1/4”. The good news is that most church only need cushions made 15”’ wide. Occasionally, we have a pew seat that requires a cushions to be made wider than this standard. It will add costs to the overall price, typically you can expect 1-2 per foot more than the standard price. The reason for this is due to extra material expenses. The wider we order our foam, the more it costs us.

How many church pew cushions do you need?

We use linear footage to figure the cost of church pew cushions. Your church can use our instant quote form Instant Quote Form

The total footage required will give us the ability to average a overall cost for your church pew cushions replacement project.

How to measure your Pew Cushions?

It’s easy and anyone in the church can do it.

  1. Start from one end of the church pew and measure from the inside of each pew end.
  2. Measure the width of the pew seat, from the back of the seat to the front edge.
  3. Write down the measurements for each pew seat, as sometimes each pew may vary in size a bit.
  4. Call us with the dimensions or use our instant quote form for a free and instant quote.
Measuring your pew cushions is easy, and it saves your church money.
What style of Church Pew Cushions you want ?

You can get a couple of different styles of pew cushions and they have little effect on the price point of your cushions. Mostly we provide loose and reversible style pew cushions. These cushions come with tufted buttons and french seams. They are the most durable cushions you can get and they have a nice traditional look and feel to them. These cushions are in our standard pricing. Secondly, is our Roll Front style cushion. This cushion has a rounded front edge which feels nice. It is also reversible.


Fabric choice for Pew Cushions

Unlike most companies, we include our top quality fabrics in our base pricing. So when you receive our bid for pew cushions it typically includes any fabric you want. We recommend olefin fabrics for all pew fabric needs. Olefin is the most durable fabric on the market, cost effective, and last a lifetime.


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