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Stained Glass Cost
  • Author:
    Bryan Sharpe
  • Date
    March 16, 2020

How Much Do Church Stained Glass Windows Cost?

Wondering how much do church stained glass windows cost? Stained glass windows are one of the most iconic features of many churches. If you envision the interior of a church in your mind, there’s a good chance you’ll imagine light streaming through stained glass, reflecting off the pews, floor, and other interior elements of the church. In many ways, great glass can set the mood and feel for a church.

Unsurprisingly, stain glass can be quite expensive. Custom glass can cost between $100-$300 per square foot. Higher-end glass professionals may charge $500-1,000 or more per square foot. With custom stained glass you can portray vivid Biblical scenes and other imagery while putting your own unique spin on it.


stained glass religious windows in church
Intricate scene set into glass

Local artisans may charge even more and may need a considerable amount of time to deliver the goods. However, with the right artisan, you can obtain truly unique and beautiful glass that will stand out. This will impact how much church stained glass windows cost, however.

Another, more affordable option is pre-built stained glass. You’ll select manufactured glass that fits your exact window dimensions. High quality pre-built glass windows usually cost $150-$200 per square foot. Some higher quality, more intricate pre-built glass windows may cost more while lower quality stained glass could cost less.

There is a drawback to pre-built glass windows, however. The glass won’t be uniquely yours. There’s even a chance that another church in town will have the same or similar stained glass.

That’s why some churches turn to custom stained glass even though it’s more expensive. You can help keep the costs of custom stain glass lower by approaching artisans and companies with a design or picture in hand. If you have to pay for a custom design or image, that’ll add to the costs.

Besides, by crafting your own image or scene, you can also ensure that the glass is both truly yours and unique.

Stained glass installation costs can vary
Stained glass installation costs can vary

Stained Glass Installation Costs

So far, we’ve talked primarily about the costs of different types of stained glass. No matter the type of stain glass you ultimately chose, you’re going to have to install it. This usually means turning to experienced installers.
Installation costs can vary greatly. You can use a silicone sealer to install stain glass over existing traditional glass. This is often one of the more affordable options.

Or you can build a wooden frame for the glass and install it directly. This is generally more expensive. In some cases, you might need or want to resize a window to fit a certain scene in. This can quickly raise church stained window costs and can get quite expensive.

stained glass church windows pricing
Church scene set in glass

Installation often costs several hundred dollars but costs can vary greatly depending on the size of the window and other factors. Sometimes installation costs are included when you purchase glass from a company or artisan. Make sure you discuss installation costs when purchasing  glass.

What Else Can Impact Church Stained Glass Windows Cost?

Generally speaking, the more intricate the design, the more expensive the glass. As you saw above, there is quite the range when it comes to stained glass costs. This is true for both pre-made and custom glass. The intricacy of the design may have a greater impact on the cost of custom glass as it’ll take the artisan longer to design and assemble the glass.

church stained glass windows costs
Some stained glass colors cost more

Another thing to consider is the coloring of the glass. Some colors tend to be more expensive than others. For example, yellow, red, and pink are often more expensive than blue, green, and other colors. Meanwhile, these more expensive colors are often an important part of Biblical scenes.

The copper foil, solder, and other metals used to create stained glass windows for your church will also impact costs. The costs of these materials can vary greatly depending on quality and other factors.

Other factors could also affect the cost of the glass. For example, if you install stained glass in your steeple, the installation costs might be higher. It’s best to talk with church remodeling experts to pin down the exact costs of designing, building, and installing stained glass. At the end of the day, church stained window costs can vary a lot.

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